New York Through my iPhone

On the sidewalk in New York, everyone is on their iPhone talking, texting, walking super fast and casually bumping into each other like old friends at Whole Foods. This city is full of people with high energy and quick feet. Everyone has somewhere to go, and they are already ten minutes late. What did we do before cell phones? Talk to each other?

Check out a few snapshots taken from my iPhone camera of me enjoying living in the present moment. They may not be the best quality, but they are expressive of my time spent here in the big city!





“You don’t have to be born in New York City to be a New Yorker. You have to live here for six months. And if at the end of the six months you walk faster, you talk faster, you think faster, you’re a New Yorker.” – Ed Koch


The Coffee Bean

Magnolia Bakery




Magnolia bakery cupcakes


NYC Wild


“I drink coffee because I need it and wine because I deserve it.” – Anonymous





I’m happy to share some of my unique shots and photos with you! Thanks for taking the time to look! Check back for more soon.

Love always,

Elizabeth Kate

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