What I’ve Learned About Growing Herbs: Part II

I’ve enjoyed growing my herb garden all summer long (summer, please don’t go) and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning with me and viewing my pictures from my first few months living in NYC.

If you read my last post, “5 Things I Learned About Growing Herbs” you’ll pick up on some of my tips and tricks for growing your own urban herb garden. I thought I’d share a few more here: 

1. Water, water, water. If your plants look dehydrated, then they probably are!

window plants

2. Frequent your local farmers market for the best deals at the best price. Talk to the farmers and ask for suggestions for planting or repotting. Swiss chard and green bunching onion cost less than $5 together.

The farmer said ideally these plants would be planted in the ground, but I could put them in a pot together with more soil, plenty of sun and water, and they will be happy. (See picture above).

garden plants

3. Buy herbs or plants that you will actually eat. If you don’t properly cut them to pick and eat at some point they are going to grow and greet your neighbors upstairs. 

Basil, tomatoes, parsley, and other greens are on the menu this week.

herb garden

4. Make sure your plants are getting enough sun. They will tell you if they are not getting enough sunlight by flopping over or turning strange colors. 

You can tell by leaf color, leaf size, and leaning if your plants are dehydrated. I think my basil and small tomato leaves look a little sad and tired below.

5. Be patient. You are not going to grow a huge, sustainable garden in a day. My urban herb garden took about four months to grow to this size and I’ve definitely seen a difference week by week. 

Hint: If you buy your plants at the farmers market already partially grown and cared for by the people who know it best, then it makes it much easier than planting and trying to grow on your own. At least to start!

Have fun and stay green!  

Do you have any tips for growing and maintaing an herb garden for me? Leave them in the comments section below!

Love always,

Elizabeth Kate

8 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About Growing Herbs: Part II

  1. You did a lovely job with your container plants; I can see how well they grew and flourished… Watering and Sun top the list for me. 🙂

  2. Hello! I have nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award. Please take this nomination as an appreciation from me for your blog, but if you would like to participate, I will like to read your answers.

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