Italy. My (mostly foodie) tales

As mentioned in this post, my fiancé and I spent two weeks in Italy. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

We were offered a nice combination of cookies with our espresso before we head off for a two-hour tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum.

It was not an easy feat trying to capture our whole experience in one blog post. I tried to keep it food-focused for my blog and optimal viewing pleasure, although I did sneak a few of my favorite sights in.

Next stop, Foggia!

We spent some time in Molfetta, in the southern part of Italy, where my father grew up.

We enjoyed a fresh seafood lunch at Adriatico, overlooking the sea. Since we were with family, we did not pictures of our food at the table, but I can assure you we tried some of the freshest fish in the region!

Never ending appetizers… this was breakfast for four people.
Let’s get lost in Capri

Caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto at Sciue’ Sciue’ in Anacapri.

I really enjoyed the art and decor here.

Florence’s best panini: I Due Fratellini (meaning the two brothers). This is a pocket-sized panini shop close to Palazzo Vecchio.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 5.03.10 PM


At Acqua al 2, Zach’s favorite restaurant from when he studied abroad in Florence.
Wine tour: Taste of Chianti. I would highly recommend this one!

When in Rome… check out the Florence food market.

I’ll end with something sweet…


   Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 10.26.00 AM.pngunnamed-4.jpg

We also tried alle pere con pecorino gelato. Can you guess what type of ice cream this is? At Vivoli, they also offered a unique combination of mozzarella ice cream with prosciutto! Next time…unnamed-5.jpg

Thank you for following along on our culinary tour!  We sampled the pasta and pizza, of course, but those photos are on my Instagram, @vivieimpara.

We also have a Google Doc filled with our sight-seeing and other activities: see here for proof! I’d love to read your comments below.

Love always,



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