Eat with Awareness! 5 Steps to Mindful Eating.

Right on! Great mindful eating tips.

Julia Davie Nutrition


As a yoga instructor I spend lots of time talking about awareness or mindfulness. During a yoga practice it is essential to draw your attention inside, tune into strong and subtle sensations in your body, notice the language of breath and adjust your practice based upon the specific needs of your self.

One of the most powerful aspects of yoga is that the lessons learned on the yoga mat often weave themselves into our lives. Mindful eating is one of these examples.

What does eating mindfully actually mean? In a culture that encourages tight scheduling, multi-tasking and consumerism many of us find it difficult to slow down, focus and only take what is needed. This applies to what and how we eat. Have you ever had a stressful event at work happen and shortly afterwards find yourself indulging in a bowl of ice cream or slice of pizza? How often…

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