Vivi’s favorite NYC eats

Soooo…… I haven’t posted in a while and I missed my blog. I missed Vivi. In an attempt to get back in the blogging groove, I’m posting my favorite restaurants in the city. Because I started a food blog and I have not been cooking! Here goes my summer 2017 restaurant (or really, in some cases, delivery) list: Thursday Kitchen Alta Posto By Chloe Superiority … Continue reading Vivi’s favorite NYC eats

5 Things I Learned About Growing Herbs

Growing herbs on a fire escape can be a bit of a (fun) challenge. Here’s what I learned: 1. Leave a clear path. When I first started my little herb garden, I bought basil and dill from the Union Square Greenmarket, and I thought they looked really pretty on the steps of my fire escape. This only lasted a short time before I realized this is … Continue reading 5 Things I Learned About Growing Herbs