BK Recos: Takeout/Delivery During Quarantine

In the midst of the pandemic, supporting our local restaurant community has never been more important.

Restaurants and NYC’s hospitality teams are the backbone of NYC food and culture and now they need our support. ❤️

How can we help? By supporting our local businesses, eating takeout or delivery, and laying on the couch at home and donating. “Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.

I’ve put together a round-up of my favorite delivery and takeout eats in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn area.

So, here are my top 5 favorite places for a quarantined night in, in no particular order:

The Commodore

Add some flavor and fun into a casual night at home with The Commodore’s comfort Southern food like the cadillac nachos, hot chicken sandwich, and they even deliver cocktails!

Joe’s Pizza

It goes without saying that Joe’s is the classic NYC pizza place and it’s an absolute godsend that they still deliver. 🙏

Flashback to a distant memory of a pizza party with friends:


This fine food and craft beer speciality store is a gem. Order a sandwich and coffee at the front (make sure your mask is on and you maintain your distance) and then peruse through the store for some essential/nonessential items to survive this quarantine with your dignity intact.

This bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich was the highlight of my day.


You can’t go wrong with the margherita pizza or the spicy soppresata piccante (Zach’s favorite is spicy salami).

Best Pizza

Not only do these guys deliver and offer curbside pick-up, but they also allow you to buy their dough, sauce, and cheese for a fun night of pizza making!

Let’s help all of our local restaurants and pizzerias survive through this pandemic. Life would be sad without the joy of our favorite local restaurants and food workers.

Sign (and donate, if you can) the ROAR (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants) petition on change.org to help restaurant workers in New York.

Even if you’re not in the NYC-area, consider supporting your local, independently owned small shops, bodegas/markets, and restaurants.

If you’re in a fortunate enough position, consider donating money, ordering food and/or memorabilia, or even buying gift cards to use at a later time.

I hope this post makes you consider the impact that you can make today, by simply signing a petition and sharing your love and support in any way that feels good to you.

Love always,


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