Eat Breakfast to Feel Sunny on the inside

Eat for your health and happiness via Cacao and Kale!

Cacao and Kale

Good morning! For breakfast, I’ve been making a lot of NutriBullet smoothies and shakes lately, as you can see on my blog, Vivi e impara, but today I was in need of some B12 energy and high protein I get from eggs. For additional nutrients, I added greens and a small piece of fruit. I ate this nourishing and good-for-you breakfast mindfully and with awareness. More on this below:


As you can see, it was absolutely delicious. From this photo, you can also see that I ate without distractions this morning. No, I was not on my iPhone, computer, iPad, or watching TV. Amazing right? I simply sat like a normal person and ate food to nourish myself and give me energy.

I believe that eating mindfully is so important. I was just reading an article this morning, “7 Overeating Styles That Cause You to Gain Weight” and some of…

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