Become a Warrior

If you haven’t heard yet, Ode to the Moon is a growing, welcoming, and supportive community that is bringing awareness to the issue of domestic violence.    Eleonora, who I was lucky enough to personally interview on my post, “The Healing Powers of Yoga:Eleonora’s Personal Journey” boldly created a photo yoga project called Breaking Open. What is Breaking Open? Breaking Open is a photographic art project to witness … Continue reading Become a Warrior

The Healing Powers of Yoga: Eleonora’s Personal Journey

After taking Eleonora’s Yoga Flow class at a local studio in my area, I was intrigued by her style and approach to yoga. Within the first two minutes of class, I found out she is a native from Milan, Italy. Beyond her obvious grace and beauty, she has a wide range of fitness certifications. She has even created workshops that are in harmony with her mission and goals in … Continue reading The Healing Powers of Yoga: Eleonora’s Personal Journey

Yoga is More Than a Workout

Yoga is a practice that I feel so strongly about, but many people just don’t believe that it’s a good workout. I’ve overheard, “yoga isn’t really a workout” or “what did you do in class today, stretch?” Whenever I hear this, I try to explain that yoga can be as strenuous or as relaxed as you want it to be. Why Everyone Needs to Stop Saying Yoga Doesn’t … Continue reading Yoga is More Than a Workout

Five Awesome Yoga Poses for Hard Workers

“We’ve all heard how too much sitting can take a toll on your health and well-being. Even sitting for twenty minutes at a time can really do a lot of damage.” Five Best Stretches for Desk Sitters, Bike Riders and Everyone in Between: Thanks! I’d love to hear what you think about these stretches in the comments section! Continue reading Five Awesome Yoga Poses for Hard Workers