Become a Warrior

If you haven’t heard yet, Ode to the Moon is a growing, welcoming, and supportive community that is bringing awareness to the issue of domestic violence. 
Eleonora, who I was lucky enough to personally interview on my post, “The Healing Powers of Yoga:Eleonora’s Personal Journey” boldly created a photo yoga project called Breaking Open.

What is Breaking Open?

Breaking Open is a photographic art project to witness the journey from darkness into light. 

Celebrate the strength of vulnerable warriors who through yoga were able to connect to the power of their spirit and heal their souls.
Eleonora, founder of OTTM and photographer Claire Sheprow present a series of lyrical images and poetic words together to inspire those who are still living under the overbearing shadow of abuse to embrace their story and bloom into love. 
Mission: Our hope is to inspire everyone to face this issue and together make a tangible change in the fight against domestic violence.
Motto: Break the cycle of domestic violence and open your heart to the beauty of life.
Who can participate in the photographic project?
Whoever has an experience with domestic violence or abusive relationship. 
If yoga helped you healing your soul and you are ready to share their experience to help this who are living under the overbearing shadow of abuse to take control over their life and say no to violence.
What is the breaking open Instagram  challenge?
Join Ode to the Moon as we bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence all over the world, including Italy and UK! 
We will challenge the many brave victims and supporters to spread the word by speaking out through the healing form of yoga. I love how Eleonora does not call people victims, but rather they are “warriors.” This washes away any shame that previous victims may have, and gives them the power to move forward.
For the month of April, Eleonora will challenge you to show your true warrior inside and post a yoga posture with a few words speaking out on behalf of domestic violence.  Tag as many people as you can to get the word out through social media that we must break the silence. Remember to hashtag #breakingopen #IAMAWARRIOR #odetothemoon #enddomesticviolence #nomore #yogaagainstdomesticviolence
Don’t forget to follow her @eleonorazampatti on Instagram (she takes some pretty sick pictures) and learn how you can participate in the  Instagram challenge!
Please if you have any other question contact Eleonora at I hope you will show your support with me.
Love always,
Elizabeth Kate

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