The Healing Powers of Yoga: Eleonora’s Personal Journey

After taking Eleonora’s Yoga Flow class at a local studio in my area, I was intrigued by her style and approach to yoga. Within the first two minutes of class, I found out she is a native from Milan, Italy. Beyond her obvious grace and beauty, she has a wide range of fitness certifications. She has even created workshops that are in harmony with her mission and goals in … Continue reading The Healing Powers of Yoga: Eleonora’s Personal Journey

Vivi-Approved Natural Beauty Remedies

Instead of posting a recipe tonight, I wanted to try something new by writing my review of a few at-home natural beauty remedies. These quick and easy treatments were taken from Amelia Olson’s HelloGiggles article, “8 at-home natural beauty remedies you need this fall.” Check out my personal experience with these remedies below: Honey Cinnamon Spot Treatment: Personal experience: I dabbed this mixture on a … Continue reading Vivi-Approved Natural Beauty Remedies

How to Be Mindful

If you know me or even just follow my blog, you know I LOVE posting pictures via social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and my favorite, Instagram. I am picture-obsessed. Almost everything I do, from walking outside to my car to cooking dinner, I always have the urge to set up my surroundings, find the perfect lighting, and snap photos. So, you can only imagine … Continue reading How to Be Mindful