The Perks of Waking up Early

Waking up before 6 am can be a challenge. At this time, you probably still want to rest your head on your soft cushiony pillow and lay beneath the covers just a few more minutes. Soon those minutes turn into hours and it’s already 8 am. You have to get ready fast, smear some mascara on your lashes, inhale your breakfast, and run out the door.

Why not wake up a little earlier to do something that makes you happy?


Here are ten ways you can make your morning more awesome:

1. Drink coffee with the sunrise. Do I need to say more?

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 6.37.53 AM

2. Sip on warm water, honey, and lemon while checking things off your to-do list.


3. Eat a protein-rich breakfast. Every morning.


4. Bake a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip breakfast bites. 


5. Make pancakes. Because, well, they’re pancakes.


6. Practice yoga or meditation before your hectic work day.


7. Go for a run, do some jumping jacks, basically anything to get your heart rate up! And then reward yourself by putting your feet up and sipping on more coffee.


8. Make a delicious fruit smoothie. This one tastes better than it looks and it is made with strawberries and bananas!


9. Treat yourself to a green juice or protein shake.


10. Dance in your pjs and be happy.


I hope these tips help you wake up and do something for yourself before you start the work day. Let me know if any of these pieces of advice help you or make you laugh! What’s your morning routine like?

Love always,
Elizabeth Kate

3 thoughts on “The Perks of Waking up Early

  1. Easier said than done… but I’ll try. I swear!
    My morning routine? Turning alarm clock off once, twice, thrice… err, it’s late again! 😦
    I’d like to try jogging early in the morning, it must be lovely – but probably making pancakes would be more helpful in getting out of my bed!

    1. I’ve been there! Yes, making something like pancakes or going on a nice jog by the water or watching the sunrise helps make waking up early easier! Let me know if you try it!

  2. Gorgeous post! I am definitely a morning person. I love waking up to yoga, it makes me happy every day! That, and cereal! My fave food ever 🙂

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